Database Administrator

We are looking for a Database Administrator to perform the following job duties.


Minimum of *Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology or Computer Engineering or Computer Information Sciences *

*Job Duties:*

  • Perform quantitative and qualitative analyses to support pharmacy database application.
  • Support the operations, maintenance and integration of information, automation, and communications systems of the Pharmacy facilities including interfaces with networks, local host systems database, and remote system databases.
  • Work with a multi-tiered My-SQL application, perform system and business analysis and impact assessment and document it.
  • Performs strategic planning relative to these databases.
  • Maintain confidentiality, privacy, documenting based on HIPPA regulations and maintaining the files up to the terms required by the NY State in the pharmacy’s database.
  • Assist the Pharmacy staff to make the data available via BestRx pharmacy management application to the benefit of the patients and the pharmacy.
  • Maintain Database Access to all BestRx users. Analyze and recommend database improvements related to the BestRx. Analyze impact of database Changes to the business.
  • Provide protected access to audit and request databases related to the third-party insurance companies so that confidentiality is not violated.
  • Recommends solutions by defining database physical structure and functional capabilities, database security, data back-up, and recovery specifications.
  • Extract live data, have back up set in place for everyday use and analyze data every day to see if the database is functioning properly, prevent data loss, recover lost data and repair program bugs.
  • Maintain pharmacy database performance by calculating optimum values for database parameters; implementing new releases; completing maintenance requirements; evaluating computer operating systems and hardware products.
  • Prepare users by conducting training; providing information; resolving problems